Group G, Fixtures & Series


Day 4: Las Aguilas de Hielo has retired from the cup!!!
The remaining matches are counted as default 0:3.

Day 5: All matches are counted as BEFORE the HT downtime on 12-JUL-06!

1. Match (13/14-jun-06)
Fc Morientes-FC Stonewall5:2
panorama_4_ever-Las Aguilas de Hielo0:3
FC Schwandenholz-FC SLYXER1:2
2. Match (20/21-jun-06)
panorama_4_ever-FC Stonewall0:5
Las Aguilas de Hielo-FC SLYXER0:3
FC Schwandenholz-Fc Morientes1:3
3. Match (27/28-jun-06)
Las Aguilas de Hielo-FC Stonewall0:3
Fc Morientes-FC SLYXER1:2
panorama_4_ever-FC Schwandenholz3:2
4. Match (4/5-jul-06)
FC SLYXER-FC Stonewall1:1
panorama_4_ever-Fc Morientes0:5
FC Schwandenholz-Las Aguilas de Hielo3:0
5. Match (11/12-jul-06)
FC SLYXER-panorama_4_ever4:0
FC Stonewall-FC Schwandenholz4:1
Fc Morientes-Las Aguilas de Hielo3:0

#Group GMGDP
1.FC SLYXER (VI.189, Deutschland)5123913
2.Fc Morientes (VII.464, Schweiz)51751212
3.FC Stonewall (VI.37, Schweiz)5157810
4.FC Schwandenholz (IX.1076, Schweiz)5812-43
5.Las Aguilas de Hielo (VII.714, Chile)5312-93
6.panorama_4_ever (VI.84, Hellas)5319-163
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