Group I, Fixtures & Series


This Group is not part of the regular HO!-Cup, but it would be nice if you could
wait as long as possible with your challenges in case we need a replacement team.

Day 3: Bulek 2000 FC replaced Torflut Dortmund which have been promoted to regular Cup.
Day 6: Because of bankruptcy FC Schwarzgelb 04 has to leave the Cup! Don't challenge them anymore...
Day 7: Bulek 2000 FC has been replaced by Taurus 2000 FC!

1. Match (20/21-apr-04)
Taurus 2000 FC-BSC Lorraine8:0
FC 4eva-FC Schwarzgelb 043:0
FC Rohrbach-FC Felsmeer 034:0
Westfalen GŁtersloh-No Match!:
2. Match (27/28-apr-04)
Taurus 2000 FC-Balerinos6:1
BSC Lorraine-FC 4eva5:0
FC Rohrbach-Westfalen GŁtersloh3:2
FC Felsmeer 03-FC Schwarzgelb 041:0 Match!:
3. Match (04/05-may-04)
Taurus 2000 FC-No Match!:
FC 4eva-FC Rohrbach2:1
FC Felsmeer 03-Balerinos4:1
FC Schwarzgelb 04-BSC Lorraine0:3
Westfalen GŁtersloh-TSDataShow.dk7:2
4. Match (11/12-may-04)
Taurus 2000 FC-FC Schwarzgelb 046:1 4eva6:0
Balerinos-BSC Lorraine2:3
Westfalen GŁtersloh-FC Felsmeer 032:0
No Match!-FC Rohrbach:
5. Match (18/19-may-04)
FC 4eva-Taurus 2000 FC1:5
FC Rohrbach-BSC Lorraine0:4
FC Felsmeer 03-No Match!:
FC Schwarzgelb 04-TSDataShow.dk1:4
Balerinos-Westfalen GŁtersloh3:6
6. Match (25/26-may-04)
FC 4eva-Balerinos4:3
FC Rohrbach-TSDataShow.dk1:5
FC Felsmeer 03-Taurus 2000 FC5:0
FC Schwarzgelb 04-Westfalen GŁtersloh0:5
No Match!-BSC Lorraine:
7. Match (01/02-jun-04)
Taurus 2000 FC-FC Rohrbach6:0
BSC Lorraine-Westfalen GŁtersloh3:1
FC 4eva-No Match!: Felsmeer 032:2
Balerinos-FC Schwarzgelb 045:0
8. Match (08/09-jun-04)
BSC Lorraine-FC Felsmeer 031:2
FC Schwarzgelb 04-FC Rohrbach0:5 2000 FC2:6
Westfalen GŁtersloh-FC 4eva3:0
No Match!-Balerinos:
9. Match (15/16-jun-04)
BSC Lorraine-TSDataShow.dk4:3
FC Felsmeer 03-FC 4eva2:0
Balerinos-FC Rohrbach0:5
Westfalen GŁtersloh-Taurus 2000 FC1:0
No Match!-FC Schwarzgelb 04:

#Group IMGDP
1.Taurus 2000 FC (IV.21, Indonesia)837112618
2.Westfalen GŁtersloh (V.226, Deutschland)827111618
3.BSC Lorraine (VI.675, Schweiz)82316718
4.FC Felsmeer 03 (V.109, Deutschland)81610616
5.FC Rohrbach (VII.473, Schweiz)81919012 (V.101, Danmark)82421311
7.FC 4eva (VI.424, Denmark)81025-159
8.Balerinos (V.28, Lithuania)81528-134
9.FC Schwarzgelb 04 (VIII.608, Schweiz)8232-300
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